leo pham wedding photography

“How did you start wedding photography?”

Wedding photography wasn’t what I planned for from the beginning. I actually started out as a fashion/editorial photographer. My goal for photography was to become a world-class commercial photographer, working with top magazines like Vogue, Elle. I knew my passion is photography. That was why I invested so much in gears and knowledge and did what I liked, taking photos. Many people loved my photos and said I was so talented. But many other photographers had the same story, didn’t they? So … “Who am I?”

For all those years doing fashion photography, I felt like there was something missing, a big one. “Why do I do that?”, I asked myself for many times. Was it because of fame, because of money, or because it satisfied me? I couldn’t figure out … Till one day, a wedding photographer, my first mentor for whom I have so much respect, asked me to shoot with him. I was hooked. My whole world changed and I found the missing piece.

Unlike fashion photography where my work would be soon forgotten, wedding photography is where it has a profound meaning to someone – someone like you. I know the photographs I take today will be treasured for many generations. I don’t want millions of people to see my photographs. I just want a little family, perhaps your family, to look at my photographs and remember all the happiness you had on the most beautiful day of your life.

This is why I become a wedding photographer!

When we planned our wedding, we wanted a visual journal that can truly document our life. We know when we get older, our mind won’t be as good as it is now. Thus, those photographs are the only things that keep all of our beautiful memories alive.

"When we finally saw the pictures, we were immediately taken back to our special day."
Joseph & Nicollette
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