3 most common mistakes looking for wedding photographers

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been “interviewed” by many couples. After many years, I see there are 3 common mistakes that couples have when they look for a photographer for their wedding. Knowing these common mistakes to avoid them from the first place will save you a lot of time and effort, making your decision much easier and more accurate.

In the video below, I will discuss what those common mistakes are and what you should do about it. For some of you who don’t have time to watch this 5′ video and just want a short version of it, you can read just the summary below the video.

What are 3 common mistakes?

1/ Not know your style

  • How does it affect you? Without knowing the style, you might end up with the photos you don’t like.
  • What you should do about it? Do research and define your style of wedding photography first, contact the photographers you like after.

2/ Compare photographers merely based on price

  • How does it affect you? Price comparison might impair your choice of photographers. You might miss the photographers who are ideal for your wedding and your personality.
  • What you should do about it? Pay attention to other aspects of the photographers besides their price, talk to them and understand them as a person, an artist.

3/ Being afraid to ask a lot of questions OR not asking the right questions

  • How does it affect you? You don’t have a full understanding of the photographers’ service and personality. Thus, you cannot set the right expectation for your photographers, which might lead to later disappointment.
  • What you should do about it? Do research and prepare the questions for every photographer you like. Meet them in person if possible. You learn more about them this way.
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