5 things to remember if you want your wedding photography to be successful

There are two important factors for amazing wedding photos. The first one is your photographers, obviously. The second one is YOU! Even if you have no photography skill at all, it is still YOU!

Don’t believe you have that much power, do you?

You should because you can actually do things that allow your photographers to reach their full potential. These things require little to no effort. But you must start these ASAP, ideally today! We will list 5 things that have major impact on your wedding photography.

Buffer time

Most couples tend to make schedule without any buffer time in between. This creates a false sense of how much time you have for each session. This results in rushing, skipping things, or even delaying the whole event. Buffer time should be anywhere from 5′ to 10′ (or more), used for setup, moving, preparation. 5′ is when there is no change in location. 10′ or more is when your photographers have to move or set something up.

Be prepared

Ask your photographers what you should prepare a month, a week, or even the day before the wedding. Although they usually tell you before you even ask them, sometimes they get busy and forget. So you should always remember. For example: gather all details at one place prior to the photographers’ arrival, which hotel works best for getting ready, which locations are ideal for portraits.

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Get comfortable with the photographers

On the wedding day, there is a distinctive difference between whether or not you met and worked with your photographers before. The difference reflects in the way you take direction, even in your natural reaction and work speed. It is hard to feel comfortable and fully express yourself with someone you’ve met for the first time. This can negatively reflect on the photos. Feeling comfortable needs good relationship. Good relationship needs time to build. So, do what you can to get comfortable with your photographers before the wedding day: book an engagement session, meet for dinner, or visit venue together. This is worth your time.

Share a (short) photo list

Also, ask for their advice and be open for their feedback. Each person has different taste and interest. Sometimes, thing you like is not possible with certain lighting conditions and location. That’s why we said “be open for their feedback”. The easiest way to do this is via a Pinterest board. Pin what you like and share them with your photographers. Visual photos are always better than word descriptions. We discuss further on how to make a good list in this post: Should I have a shot list for my wedding

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(we got so much fun trying this idea from the movie: La La Land)

Tell your guests to put their phone and camera away

Or at least only take photos at their seat during ceremony. Photographers understand that guests like to take photos of you. They wouldn’t mind that. However, the guests usually don’t realize they block the photographers’ view. Just by one simple request, your guests will cooperate, fully attend the ceremony, making it much easier for your photographers to do their job. (Do you see the difference between the two photos below?)

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Now can you see how much power you hold? Those things cannot be done from your photographers’ end. They must be done by you, and they require little effort (the photo list may take you awhile, but it is a fun task though). They can change the whole game, the way you enjoy your photographs many years down the road.

If you have any question, give us your comment below. We will get them answered for you.

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