Austin Boudoir with a “Homestyle” theme.

The inspiration we got for this mini boudoir session in Austin was simple, your daily life. For many years, we’ve been doing boudoir in a “traditional” way, where we pose and take photos following some certain themes: valentine, bridal, etc. Now, we decide to make a different direction, which turning your daily life/activities into something sexy, sultry.

The challenge we were facing was to find exactly what activities we can put into this boudoir. Taking a whole bunch of shoots and selecting ones that look great wouldn’t cut it. We had to plan in advance, envision how the photos would look like afterward. From there, we would prepare all the props accordingly to make the shoot more interesting or less distracting. Austin boudoir

One advantage we find from this type of boudoir for our clients is that they don’t have to interact with the camera directly (aka look at the camera). You might find yourself like many others that smiling directly to the camera is difficult, particularly with boudoir. So, this one really helps you focus on what you are used to (doing your daily activities) and let us “document” your natural stage. Austin boudoir

Makeup/Hair: Jessie Hoang

Model: Vikki Baretta

You can check out our second homestyle boudoir here.

Austin boudoir

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