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Last month, we published our first Austin Homestyle Boudoir Photography. Today, we are so excited to announce the second one with a similar concept but with a different story. The inspiration comes from the experiences we’ve had working with many models as well as our clients. boudoir photography

This story is simple. It’s about a woman who might work as an office clerk or a sales rep. No matter what her work is, with all the stresses that she might have at work, wanting to be free and comfortable at her own place is inevitable. Moreover, she loves taking photos of herself when she has time, especially the boudoir photography. It’s a way to empower her beauty.

Thank you, Julia, for helping us with this concept. Last year, she helped us capture a perfect bridal boudoir style shoot.

Planning for this homestyle boudoir

Our goal when we plan this photoshoot is to turn some ordinary things into sexy, romantic (some might say “sultry”) photos. It is hard to imagine how you will look like with this homestyle boudoir photography. First, we visualize how everything would normally happen. We don’t want a story to be too long (with too many photos). We want it to be concise enough to make it understandable. The challenge is to carefully select moments to which we can add boudoir elements. Then, using proper poses and outfits to make them look natural, yet sexy.

Below are the exact moments that we visualized. It took us about one week of planning and an hour to execute. We wanted to keep it under 10 frames to describe her, from who she is to what she likes.

Let us know what you think of this boudoir photography style. Or if it were you, what other moments would you put into this and make it feel like you?

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