Bride’s preparation checklist for wedding

Last week, we composed a final preparation checklist for the groom before the wedding day. This week, we make one for the bride. Although some items are similar, there are some differences between the two, especially when the bride has more things to prepare. If you are the groom, you can read Groom’s preparation check list before wedding day.

We still divide the list into two sections: the day before and the morning before the photographers arrive.


The day before

  • Outfits: wedding dress, other dresses, veil, belt. Check if there are any loose thread or weird stain. Make sure all the buttons are intact. Keep them inside a specialized garment bag (avoid normal plastic bag as it is difficult to take the dress in and out, and organize other items at one place). Get a nice hanger too.
  • Accessories: garter, earrings, necklace, bracelet. Put all of them in a box, or in a ziplock bag, then put it in the garment bag.
  • Shoes: take off all tags/stickers. If you use your favorite old shoes, clean them as thoroughly as you can, especially the outsole.

how to prepare your wedding shoes
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  • Flats: definitely get yourself one pair that you can put them on or take them off quickly. They will help you a lot, especially when you have to move from place to place or when you dance.
  • The rings: keep three of them at one place: the engagement ring and two wedding rings. Most photographers will ask you to do this. Check with them to know if you or the groom should keep.
  • One complete set of invitation/RSVP card.

prepare wedding rings and a set of invitation card
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  • Personal hygiene kit: you don’t want to run back and forth to the grocery in the morning.
  • Your makeup kit in case you are allergic to certain makeup brands (better to arrange with your makeup artist in advance). You also need it for touch up throughout the day.
  • Make your own wedding survival kit: allergy killer, Advil, safety-pin, Band-aid, tape, baby wipes.
  • Vows: make sure everything you want to say is on a note. Make a copy in your phone, and email one to yourself. Try not to read it out loud as it might take away some emotion for tomorrow.
  • Check with bridesmaids to make sure everyone is on the same page: time, location, tasks. Remind them to bring what they have to. If possible, book rooms for them to stay overnight. Ladies have more things to carry and prepare. This way, no one will be late in the morning.
  • Designate one person to help you answer the phone.
  • Gifts: for the groom, for the bridesmaids. Wrap the gifts in advance.

prepare the gifts for your bridesmaids
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  • Set the alarm at least three hours before the photographers arrive.
  • Finally, sleep early than you usually do to prevent puffy eye bags.


Do not:

  • Wear high heel during rehearsal. Use flats only.
  • Tan or wax. These should be done a couple days (or weeks) in advance.
  • Drink too much. A little champagne is okay. Save the booze for tomorrow reception. Instead, stay hydrated with lots of water.
  • Eat too much or try new food. This might upset your stomach.
  • Stay up late for any reason. Get yourself at least 8-hour sleep.


The morning of the wedding (before your photographers arrive)

  • Call your wedding party and make sure they woke up already. Remind them again what they should bring.
  • If you need to buy something, ask a bridesmaid to do it on her way. Once everyone arrives, no one goes anywhere. It’s time for photos.

how to prepare for morning of wedding day
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  • Tidy up the room, put away bottles, snacks, trash (consider this as a morning exercise). Keep it clean at ALL TIME before and after your photographers arrive.
  • Lay your outfits, all accessories, rings in one place (on the bed or table), ready for the photographers to take photos as soon as they arrive.
  • Open all curtain, turn on all available lights.


Do not:

  • Skip breakfast, no matter how nervous you are, or if you don’t feel like eating. Eat light if you cannot take a full meal. It is a long day and you need lots of energy to stay sharp.
  • Wash your hair. It takes more time to style newly-washed hair.

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