Cinnabar Hills Golf Club – San Jose Wedding | Tina & Brandon

You will never realize how important your guests are to you until it is your wedding day, Brandon said at their wedding at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. And the whole room busted into laughter.

Yes, although it sounds funny, it is true. I knew how the whole world will be different when you are that persons. And it was the same for Brandon & Tina when they were surround by the people they love and care for. I knew how much their guests meant to them when they talked and laughed during the money dance. Everyone had a fascinating story to talk about.

I met Tina & Brandon last year, just before my trip back to Viet Nam. They had their wedding at one of the most beautiful venues in south San Jose, Cinnabar Hills Golf Club. They carefully planned for every single detail, asked me for my advice for their reception setup and schedule and everything else to make sure that it would be the most beautiful day they’d ever had. And it was!

Also, we want to thank Tim from Collideskope for their amazing work and arrangement.

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