Deer Park Villa Wedding | Mandy & Max

On a Friday at Deer Park Villa, one of the weddings we are expecting most has taken place. This is a quote taken from their story:

“December 14th, 2013 – As I was making my way out the door to my Mother’s annual Southern Center for Human Rights benefit; the most beautiful dark-haired, green-eyed young lady burst through my apartment door. She was accompanied by a crew of rowdy Santa’s and Elves’ – a reminder that Santa Con is taken seriously in my old neighborhood of North Beach, San Francisco…

Upon returning that evening, and to my euphoric delight, that same beautiful young lady happened to be in my living room. Understanding the opportunity presented before me, I knew I had to muster up enough courage to talk to her. Luckily, a decision was made to go to an old favorite bar in San Francisco, Kells, which was just down the street. “Perfect…” I thought to myself. “I can use my Kells VIP card,” which my older brother passed down to me several years ago. “Not only will this save us all the $5 cover charge, but most importantly…it will prove how important I was to her.”

This is Max’s version when he met Mandy. You should have listened to Mandy’s version at the ceremony, it is just as funny and lovely as Max’s.

They are truly a remarkable couple we’ve met. Knowing that was a traditional Chinese wedding, we thought there would be a big chaos, small room with many people, the procedure of the tea ceremony, door games, gift giving, etc. In addition, Mandy and Max had never been to a traditional Chinese tea ceremony before. Guess they would be so nervous? Nope, they weren’t. It was to our surprise that they felt so comfortable and enjoyed the tradition.

From them, we learn a lot more about wedding planning that we will share with you soon. They are always on top of everything, at every single step of their wedding preparation.

Also, we want to say special thanks to Leah Hwung, our event planner partner, who helped us keep the wedding run smoothly.

Getting ready & tea ceremony venue: Airbnb – Shaw Guest House

Ceremony & Reception venue: Deer Park Villa

Even Planner & Coordinator: Leah Hwung from Two Perfect Events

And here are 14 hours with our rock starts – Mandy & Max

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