Engagement photos – Perfect “test drive” for your wedding

I usually say taking engagement photos is a great way to understand the photographer you chose for your wedding. However, I’ve never told you to use an engagement session as a “test drive” to select the best photographer (if you are wavering among several candidates photographer). This is exactly what I am talking about today. engagement pictures, engagement shoot

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Why do you want to “test drive” your photographer? engagement photos

Simply speaking, it lets you FULLY understand the photographer’s working style/approach. Talking and working with a photographer are two different things. Just like a car, talking with a photographer is like learning a car’s specs. There is only so much you can learn by talking with them: their philosophy, workflow, personality, etc. People usually “test drive” a car before purchasing it to make sure they feel comfortable with its performance, how smooth or powerful it actually is. For the same reason, “test drive” a photographer lets you understand and feel the way they actually work. Needless to say, that is a very important piece of your wedding photography. engagement photos


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Engagement photos are the best and the LAST “test drive” you need.

Between 2 (or more) photographers, there is NO best photographer, only THE BEST FOR YOU. You need to have some sort of real-life experience with them to determine who is best for you. An engagement session makes the perfect sense in this case. With this, you can see how comfortable you are with the way they pose you, how easily you can follow their directions, and so on. Notice, I only advise this [engagement session] after you narrow your final list down to a handful of photographers. engagement pictures

In addition, if spending several hours with each photographer on your final list is too much, consider doing a mini engagement session where you spend only 30′ to an hour. But not every photographer offers a mini session, something to be aware of. engagement photos

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If you only have one photographer to consider, should you still do an engagement shoot?

Yes, absolutely. I’ve talked about the benefits of an engagement shoot earlier.

In addition, if this idea is intriguing, you can also consider a destination engagement session where you bring your photographer on a road trip with you. Like this one in Death Valley and this one in Utah. What can be a better way to get a road trip engagement photos and to learn more about your photographer at the same time? engagement pictures

engagement photos, engagement pictures

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