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Before knowing what sparklers send off is, let’s talk a bit about the definition of a grand exit.


What is a wedding grand exit?

A grand exit is the opposite of a grand entrance. Although every wedding has a grand entrance, grand exit doesn’t take place at every wedding because it is the last item of the wedding day. The number of guests who stay until that moment might be low. It is when you exit the venue with guests lining up, waving at you, throwing rice at you, escort you to your car, etc. There are many versions of it. We are going to discuss one of the most popular ones in this post, sparklers send off (or sparklers exit – different name, same meaning).

wedding sparklers exit
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Venue: Corinthian Grand Ball Room


What is a sparklers send off?

As the name implies, it is the grand exit characterized by sparklers. Guests will hold sparklers, form two lines like a tunnel, which you will pass through. Or they can stand in a big group in front of you cheering while you are waving back at them. Whatever formation you decide to go with, that moment will have a strong impact on you. Although it requires good coordination, the ending photos will be rewarding if done correctly. We have done several sparklers exits. Below are what we suggest you should and shouldn’t do:

sparkler send off
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Venue: The Bridges Golf Club



  • ALWAYS check with your venue’s policy about sparklers send off. If they don’t allow, then nothing you can do and you don’t have to read any further.
  • Allow enough time to coordinate your guests. It can take a long time to line up your guests when they are having so much fun on the dance floor. In our experience, it can take up to 20′.
  • Inform your guests in advance. Sparklers exit is the last item of your wedding schedule. People might leave early if you don’t give them a heads-up. You can do this by writing on a welcome sign, ask the DJ or MC to make an announcement, emphasize it on your itinerary.
  • Buy the longest, biggest sparklers you can find. Shorter ones will burn out before you finish your way out. A good one can last between 3,5′ and 4′.
  • Have a bucket of sand (or something similar) for your guests to cool off the sparklers afterward. Throwing the sparklers directly to the trash cans when they are still hot can be a fire hazard.
  • Have enough ignition sources to light up the sparklers at the same time. Otherwise, some sparklers will finish before the others.
  • Inform your photographer/videographer about the sparklers exit time so that they can prepare gears accordingly.




  • Try to rush through the grand exit. If you do so, your photographer won’t have much time to take enough shots. Instead, walk slowly, enjoy the moment, interact with your guests, stop a few times and strike some poses.
  • Overbuy if the grand exit is the only time you use sparklers. Not every guest will stay until the end. Buy sparklers for 75% of your guests seem to be sufficient. However, if you want to see more sparklers on the photos, buy more, 2 per guest – totally up to you.
  • Do this too early, especially in the summer, when it is still bright outside. Sparklers exit will be nicer in a dark place. Check with your venue for some suggestions.
wedding sparklers send off
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Venue: The Bridges Golf Club

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