Half Moon Bay fun and loving e-session at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

We keep coming back to Half Moon Bay, at one particular location:

Somehow, the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay is so amazing for an engagement session. Maybe because it has a beautiful view. Maybe it has nice weather. Or maybe it is not too crowded like San Francisco. We don’t know for sure. But one thing we knew was that with a good location like this and a fun, down-to-earth couple like Bonnie & Kenny, the day can’t get any better.

When we first met Bonnie and Kenny, they appeared a little… quiet. We wondered how we could pull out their personality and genuinely show it in their engagement photos.

We tried to find out what they like, how they feel about each other… They started to loosen up and showed me how much fun and energetic they can be as a couple. This allowed us to capture lots of their genuine reactions.

We suggested Fitzgerald Marine Reserve as the first location and Montara Beach as the second one. Although the weather was pretty nice, the water was so cold that Kenny had to run away when it first got his feet. I got a lovely shot of Bonnie’s reactions when it happened.

There is one particular shot in this gallery that we really like: the flying birds. Why do we love it? Well, it wasn’t easy to do, yet, it was so much fun doing it. Toward the end of the session, when we were on Montara Beach, we saw a group of albatross doing… nothing. We told Kenny & Bonnie that we would silently go on the other size of the group.  When we count from 3 to 1, they had to run toward us and scream as loud as possible to scare the albatross. The result was amazing.


Less than 2 weeks after this engagement, we had a chance to come back here again for another engagement session with Susan & Chris. This time, the view was different and magical.

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