Happy Father’s Day!

To celebrate this Father’s Day, we want to look back at some beautiful moments of these incredible men.

When they ask us what are your favorite moments of a wedding. Among our favorite moments, there is one that remains unchanged. The moments when dads walk the brides down the aisle, when they make the way to the dance floor and start their slow dance together, and when they do First Look (yes, there is First Look for dad and bride too, if you don’t know that).

As we look through these photos, we notice that they don’t appear as emotional as moms do (you might already know why). However, it is not hard to find a beautiful moment when they look joyful. Contrary to the moment when they walk their daughters down the aisle, father-daughter dance is where they usually show how much happy and proud they are.

What we hope you to do now is to find your favorite photo with him (doesn’t have to be from us), make a print (postcards, coffee mug, anything) and give him on this Father’s Day or any day after. Or better, be with him and share this special occasion!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us!

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