How I get this photo? – Ceremony under starlight

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This photo was taken from Rica & Nino’s wedding at Casa Real in Pleasanton 2017, one of the most popular venues in SF Bay Area. Although we had been to this venue for many times over the pass few years, that was the first time we saw this decoration style for the indoor ceremony. We immediately visualized this shot in our head, knew what must be done, and just had to wait for the right time to make it happen.

casa real wedding photographer
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The decoration itself was naturally beautiful already. But we always seek for unique perspectives and views with given surroundings. We set up two flashes in the back, pointing at the couple. When they got into position, I quickly captured few standard shots in front before running to the back and executing this one. I had a small mirror in my bag at all time for moments like this. I put it under my lens to get the reflection of the string lights.

In order for this shot to be successful, there were many factors involved: the flashes had to fire, the mirror had and the camera had to be straight (with one hand for each), and of course, the couple had to be in focus. All of those had to happen at the same time. It was a lot of pressure since I didn’t want to pop the flashes too many times, distracting the guests in this low light environment. 3 shots were taken and when I saw the third one, I knew I nailed it.

I edited the photo, pushed the contrast, darkened the edge and lightened the mid to make it feel like they were standing among the stars, like how we envisioned. Nothing Photoshop fancy.

We hope you enjoy this photograph and we will keep on sharing our amazing experiences with many more weddings.

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