How I get this photo? – Champagne shower

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This photo was taken in Summer 2016 at Rengstorff House in Mountain View, an outdoor wedding celebration with Christopher and Linda. The couple wanted to make some GIFs for their wedding collection. This was one of the attempts. Although it wasn’t successful like the others, it turned out to be our top favorite photo from that wedding.

It wasn’t hard to capture this shot, except I had to sacrifice a little bit. They said they would have a champagne opening and I asked them to do it at the same time. I set up two flashes in the back and my assistant held one, told them to stand close to each other, shake the bottles hard and open on my assistant’s count.

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I got into position, really close to them (four feet away). Although I know I would get a big champagne splash as well as my gear, it was the only way to capture this perspective (the feel of drops coming right to your face when you look at it).

I did a few test shot and everything was good to go. Then, my assistant counted “3 … 2 … 1 … DO IT!”

11 shots within 4s. I smelled like champagne when I got home and my lens was totally wet. But we got some good shots to pick from.

The rest was to edit and make it perfect. We didn’t do much editing since the original had all that we needed. Only cropping, enhance the contrast, sharpness, and tweak the color. And here is our final product.

This is the first photo of our new series. Follow us and see more couples’ incredible photos that we were able to capture over the years.

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