How I get this photo? – Kiss through glass

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Sometimes, we plan for a particular shot because we know we will get it. Sometimes, we experiment with a shot because there are so many objective factors. Well, this time, we were lucky to get that shot, the kiss at Marvin & Catherine’s wedding at Jefferson Street Mansion.

Sorry for my ugly hand-drawing layout of that scenario. 🙂 This shot took place at the end of the First Dance.

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Michael was the “2nd photographer” and he was behind the sweetheart table (found him? At the bottom). He placed two glasses of water in front of his camera, partially blocked the lens. We had two flashes on two sides of the dance floor pointing at the couples, waiting for them to do their kiss. Most couples will kiss at the end of their First Dance, but the matter is where and at which angle. We got lucky when they dipped and did a romantic kiss right in front of Michael, a perfect position.

Those white and yellow circles and lines are the effect of light, from the flashes and the chandelier, coming through glasses of water. We didn’t have to do any sort of Photoshop. We just need to do a little cropping to get rid of the videographer’s camera that was in our frame (top right corner of the before-after photo), adjusted the color and increased the contrast, darkened some areas. Here is the final product.

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This shot was taken after they did the kiss. See the guy behind the sweetheart table? It’s Michael.

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