How to choose a perfect wedding photographer? (Final)

We’re glad that you follow us to this final part of our series to find the perfect wedding photographer. You’ve done a lot. Now, it is the most exciting part of all: interview them.

The interview is a chance to make a personal connection to each other, to understand each other at a much deeper level. There are two aspects you have to learn about the photographers: business and personality. We will show you how to get a good understanding of those two:


Business aspect

You should know what you can expect, how their skills can apply to your wedding, and how they can fulfill your needs. For your convenience, we put together a PDF of 12 questions to ask your photographer. These questions cover most business aspects that you need to know.


Personality aspect

You might ask “What personality has anything to do with this?”. It has a lot to do with your decision because photographers, unlike other vendors, have the strongest relationship with you. They will be with you the entire time at your wedding, from the beginning to the end. In addition, they will still work with you long after the wedding. So, if your personality matches theirs, you will find it much easier and fun to work together.

  • Start with a genuine interest that you want to know them. The photographers have much more to say than their website, but they only say when they feel your true interest.
  • Here are some sample questions: “How did you become a wedding photographer?”, “What is your favorite wedding?”, “What makes you different than the others?”, etc.
  • Try to make it like a conversation between friends. Share your story and let them share theirs. It’s more interesting that way.
  • Give them a scenario that you think will happen at your wedding and ask what they would do about it. For example: “Some of my family members love to have their photos taken. What if they want to pull you away from us to take photos, what would you do?”



The better you connect with the photographer, the better your photos will turn out, and the better your experience will be. If you believe they are the one, book them as soon as you can. These are the reasons why we strongly advise you to book your wedding photographer early.

Good luck to you!

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