How to create an awesome wedding website

Why should you have a wedding website?

When it comes to your wedding, you want everyone to be on the same page. An easy way to achieve that is with a wedding website. By creating one, you make “everyone on the same page”, literally. Moreover, they won’t need to bother you, texting and calling asking for details every minute. There are many sites that can help you create a beautiful wedding website in just a few hours. The most important thing you need to think of is “what to put up there”.

The goal is to make your website comprehensive, yet not too lengthy. Always keep it short with important details. Here are the “must have” ones:

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A sample wedding website from our partner Basic Invite


1/ Date, time, and address

This one is obvious, especially if your wedding has multiples events on different days. Don’t forget to list the addresses that your guests should know. Regarding the time, you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) list down the entire wedding schedule. It is just too much, really. They don’t need to know what time you will cut the cake or throw the bouquet. Instead, list the time for the major events only, like this:

  • Ceremony: 3pm – 4pm
  • Cocktail hour: 4pm – 5pm
  • Reception: 4pm – 9pm

* If you have invite-only events (like rehearsal dinner with immediate family, or pre-wedding party with lady-friends only), don’t list them on the website. Instead, share it privately with the right people so that the others won’t feel being left out.


2/ Logistics

Many people will need this, especially if they are from out of town. There are many things related to logistics, such as: how to get here (the venue), where to park, where to stay, etc.

  • How to get here: some venues are easy to find, some are easy to miss. Usually, most venues have the direction “how to get here” on their website that you can use. Some guests might flight to your wedding. For them, you want to suggest which airport and transportation they should use. Let them know if you will arrange transportation for the group (time, location).
  • Where to park: if your venue is in a major city where parking is tough, you should search a list of nearby garages (not the expensive ones). Alternatively, you can suggest apps that find parking garages in major cities. SpotHero is a popular example that we recommend.
  • Where to stay: if your wedding lasts a few days or if you expect some out-of-town guests, a list of places to stay would be nice. Tips: if you think many of your guests will need this, you should negotiate with local hotels for a better rate and share it on your website. They would really appreciate your effort.
  • Bonus: maybe you can list some local activities or attractions that they can do outside of the wedding. Non-local guests usually arrive one or two days before the wedding. So, why don’t you make it an exciting trip for them?


3/ Introduce your wedding party and you two, BUT …

Don’t make your wedding website an essay! The moment they see long paragraphs with lots of words, the moment they stop reading. Instead, keep it short and sweet. Give a quick overview of each of your bridesmaid & groomsman, like how you met and some fun facts.

The same applies to you too. You might have a lot to share on your website, but keep it for face-to-face conversations on the wedding day. Give the long-story-short version of how you two met, fell in love, and got engaged. This is where you can include photos of you and your wedding party.


4/ Special consideration

If your wedding follows a theme with specific outfits, it is worth letting your guests know in advance. Is your wedding outdoor and are sunglasses/hats recommended? Should your guests bring warm jackets in case the weather gets cold? Is it an open bar or should they prepare some cash? Is there a late-night party? Let them know to prepare accordingly.


5/ A separate section for RSVP

If you are doing online RSVP, make it clear and easy to find on your wedding website. In addition, if possible, on other pages of your website, link to this section. We’ve seen some websites with the RSVP section almost hidden at the end of another page.

You can check out our partner Basic Invite’s free wedding website. You can build your wedding website, collect names and addresses, share all necessary details, and even print cards, all in one place.

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