First Look Photography Alternative – How to keep the tradition?

first look photography – first look alternative
Although we are a little bias toward First Look, we understand some couples prefer to see each other during the ceremony. However, there are still ways to get you connected before the ceremony without breaking the tradition. Even if you don’t do First Look, there are many reasons to consider a First Look alternative.


Why should you consider a First Look alternative? first look photography

First, your wedding day will go by faster than you can realize. You will spend most of the day with other people: friends, family and wedding party. So, any moment you can spend alone together will be so much treasured. A First Look alternative gives you that rare opportunity to fully enjoy each other’s presence.

Second, a First Look alternative gives your photographer opportunities to capture more portraits of you together even when you have a strict wedding schedule. These photos will be ones of your favorite because of the intimacy, the emotions, and the excitement you’ll remember every time you look at them.

Third, perhaps you want to do First Look because of its benefit. However, your partner wants to keep the tradition. A First Look alternative is a perfect compromise to give you what you want.


What is the most common First Look alternative? first look photography

It is the First Touch. Don’t underestimate First Touch. It can be incredibly powerful. Since you cannot see each other but you can touch each other, the feeling of that touch can cause an explosion of emotion. Although there are many ways to do this, they all focus on one thing: allow you to touch but not to see each other. That’s simple! You can do that in the original form or you can twist it the way you want. The limit is endless, totally up to your personality and creativity. Below are some of them.


Original First Touch

In the photo below, Nicole wanted to do the First Look but Pablo insisted to see her during the ceremony. Knowing that they would have a vintage car to pose with, we suggested First Touch with the vintage car. first look photography

first touch at saratoga springs
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For Johanna & Andres, they just wanted a little moment with each other shortly before the ceremony. The door was the perfect place to do their First Touch.

How about combining it with your favorite: Volka Shot! The possibility is endless. first look photography

For Monica & Robert, a simple curtain can get the job done easily. first look photography


First Prayer

A private prayer can be a beautiful moment – and the best thing is you don’t have to see each other to make it happen. For Nicollette & Joseph, they did the prayer before the ceremony with the witness of their maid-of-honor and best-man. You see, even the maid-of-honor got emotional too!


Card Exchange

This is a combination of two First Look alternatives: First Touch + card exchange. Besides the wedding vows, there are a lot more you want to share with each other. Use this opportunity to exchange your card, sharing the excitements and all the emotions while saving the wedding vows for the ceremony. first look photography

bride and groom first touch at hakone gardens
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What if you want to see the other but don’t want the other to see you? Well, a blindfold can be a fun way to do that.

And many more! Let us know which alternative is your favorite. Or are you thinking of a different way to do this? Let us know in the comment below.

If you don’t know whether a First Look is right for you, check out this post to decide if First Look is the right choice for you. First Look Photography

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