Inspirational DIY garden wedding – Rustic dusty blue

Once again, we saw Steve trying so hard to fight back the tears as his sister gave the speech. The emotion was just so strong for him to resist. A typical sister and brother don’t usually talk much. But when they do, on such special occasion like this, it is something indescribably beautiful.

We came to Steve & Beth’s garden wedding knowing there were some things special about them. They planned the whole wedding by themselves, DIY style, with the help of their closest friends. All the flowers you see were flawlessly made by Beth, and all the delicious dishes were made by Steve’s colleagues. Oh, he is a chef of a restaurant, where their story began.

We love how emotional this wedding was. The love between them was so magical that they struggled a lot to fight back their tear. Unfortunately, they didn’t succeed even once. Particularly, during First Look, they both had teary eyes and they still did when they did some portraits together. That led to the cutest moment we’ve ever seen: Steve used his pocket square to gently wipe away Beth’s tears. Simple things like that really show how much they care for each other. [And if you ever wonder what groom’s pocket square is for, it is for that.]

Wedding Dress: Catherine Deane

Wedding Shoes: Sofft

Cake: Linda’s Bakery

Catering: The Basin Restaurant

DJ: Ben Ma

Hair & Makeup: Coralee

We just did another DIY wedding at Hakone Gardens with some lovely decor ideas that you can steal for your next DIY wedding.

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