Magical engagement session at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Half Moon Bay

Third time at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in a single month.

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve became one of our favorite locations for engagement sessions last year. Quickly enough, it became the favorites spot for many of my couples. There are many reasons for us to love it. And every time we come back, we find another reason.

This time, Susan & Chris and we were able to witness one of the most beautiful views that mother nature gave us. What you are about to see has no special effect applied. They are all RAW beauty of nature. You just need to wake up early to see it. Well, it’s harder to do than to say. But it is worth it.

Susan was one of the bridesmaids from our favorite wedding last year. She reached out to us only a few weeks after and asked if we could be her photographer. For us, this is a great honor. We did ask why they chose us over other photographers. They told us that when they asked other photographers what their plan was, the photographers said they would do however Susan & Chris like. Although it sounded pretty good, it wasn’t what they were looking for. They wanted someone who could direct and turn their vision into reality, who knew how to do things in a specific way, who could tell them what works and what doesn’t.


If you love Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and would like to see it in a different time, we have it for you. 2 weeks before this session, we did an engagement for another couple. We started at this location and ended at Moss Beach with dramatic sky we’d planned for.

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