Nella Terra Cellars Wedding | Wilson & Tiffany

Wilson and Tiffany met in college at UC Davis. They had a lot of mutual friends and bumped into each other a lot on campus and at parties. They started talking by playing “Words with Friends” against each other and from there the relationship grew. Tiffany honestly thought he was cheating though because she could never beat him in the game! Not only so, Tiffany thought Wilson is a secret romantic. The evidence for it was on March 26, 2017, he planned a surprise engagement at the Embarcadero in SF where he gathered all their friends and family and totally surprised her.

When I asked what they love about each other, Tiffany said:

“Wilson loves how open he can be around me, knowing that I will love him for who he is. He loves that we share the same interests, like football. It’s nice that we can watch football together every Sunday, even when our team sucks!

I love how patient Wilson is – a good contrast to my impatient personality. I love that we enjoy traveling together and eating our way around any destination – we’re self-proclaimed foodies!”

When they were planning the wedding, their vision was to have a nice rustic, minimalistic, outdoor wedding with all our family and closest friends. One of the things they were looking for was a venue that would allow their dog to be a part of their big day (Khaleesi), and she would be the ring bearer! They fell in love with Nella Terra Cellars for all the photo ops, especially those rolling hills. They wanted the venue to speak for itself!

Venue: Nella Terra Cellars

Makeup: Ann Ho from A-List Make Up

Florist: The Bloom Bar Co.

Coordinator: Mariée Weddings

Cake: Cake Delight

DJ: Steve from Fantasy Sound Event Services

Rental: Pleasanton Event Rentals

Photobooth: Now Ya Ngo

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