what can go wrong at your wedding

What can go wrong at your wedding?

Unlike the title, if you are looking for a list of “what can go wrong at your wedding”, it’s not here. Instead, you will find our advice on how to deal with the imperfections.

bently reserve wedding toast

What is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism has been around for decades. There are so many good reasons why it is one of the most timeless style for your wedding.

father's day inspiration

From us: Happy Father’s Day!!!

It’s incredible to look back and share these precious moments with you on this special day. We would like to take a moment to celebrate this day with some beautiful photographs of many weddings we were so lucky to be part of.

top saratoga springs wedding photographer

Phyllis & Ray’s Saratoga Springs Wedding – Saratoga

I met this bride many years ago when I started photography. From her, I got to know other talented artists who had a strong impact on my photography. One thing led to another, 6 years later, I’m here to capture her Saratoga Springs wedding.

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