raw file do i need it

RAW file. Do I need it for my wedding?

RAW file wasn’t your first thought for your wedding planning. Now, someone said you must ask the photographer for it. You are confused and terrified when the photographer doesn’t give it away. But do you really need it?

cinnabar hills golf club wedding

Cinnabar Hills Golf Club – San Jose Wedding | Tina & Brandon

I was thrilled to know that Brandon & Tina’s wedding would be at Cinnabar Hills Golf Club, one of the most amazing wedding venues in San Jose. The wedding was emotionally and aesthetically beautiful. We were able to capture many beautiful memories that we can’t help sharing now.

wedding timeline

What can destroy your wedding timeline?

Many couples tried their best, just like you are doing now, hoping their wedding timeline would run smoothly. Yet, thing still ran late. What did they do wrong and how can you make it right?

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