how to get natural smile

Simple tricks to get a natural smile for photos

Everyone has natural smile but they usually struggle getting it when taking photos? Here are some tricks that you can use for your next photoshoot: wedding, engagement, or just want to smile naturally.

kiss with guests in the back for amazing ceremony recessional photos

Tips for better ceremony photos

Beautiful ceremony photos are easy to get with good planning. This post gives you every possible tip you should consider and apply to put yourself at ease.

how to prepare for morning of wedding day

Bride’s preparation checklist for wedding

It’s the last day before your big celebration. Proper preparation will make sure your wedding day is successful, and all of your hard works are paid off. This final checklist will help you get through this critical time easily and effectively.

gather engagement ring and wedding bands

Groom’s preparation checklist for wedding

A comprehensive checklist for the groom before the wedding day. Don’t be surprised if there are more than what you thought. The groom has just as much as the bride to prepare.

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