Palm Event Center In The Vineyard Wedding | Luke & Felicia

When we document a couple’s wedding day, it’s always our great honor to have one of the bridesmaids become our next bride. That was how we met Felicia in May 2017. This year, she became a bride and the bride became her bridesmaid at a wonder venue: Palm Event Center.

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This was back in May 2017, when she was still a bridesmaid.

Luke & Felicia chose Palm Event Center to celebrate their important day. Their decoration vision was absolutely stunning. There were many personal touches on it. We thought their table numbers made with corks were really cute and that was a lot of corks if you want to count.

When you look at their wedding story, during the First Look, there is a part where you see the wedding party magically appeared from nowhere. Felicia said she wanted to have some photos of their First Look with the wedding party in the background looking. Because First Look should be an intimate moment between the bride and groom only, having a lot more people watching can be a real challenge as it will take away their true emotion. How could this be achieved? We thought of a solution we called “second” First Look! The bride and groom still did their First Look as normal. However, they had to redo it for the second time when we have all of their wedding party standing really close watching. We guessed the most interesting part of the “second” First Look is how the wedding party react to the bride and groom. And they made some pretty interesting things.

As usual, we don’t forget to mention the persons who were by our side, making this day went by smoothly.

Getting ready location: Hilton Pleasanton

Venue: Palm Event Center

Coordinator: Jessica Downey

Lighting: Fantasy Sound Event Services

Florist: Juna Alinea Floral

Music/DJ: Next Selection Entertainment

Photobooth: Pix CO Photobooth

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