Rancho San Antonio Engagement – Cupertino | Makenzie & Darius

Most people think that clients are the ones who find and choose photographers. For us, it is only partially true. We sometimes choose clients for ourselves, or in another word, we are selective with who we want to be our clients as well. We want them to fully understand us, and us to fully appreciate them. Makenzie & Darius are the couple whom we said to ourselves: “We must be their photographers!”

When they first contacted me, I was already booked by another client. So, I set up a meeting to learn more about them to suggest which of my associates will be the best fit. After the meeting over Skype, I found myself love them so much that I wish I could split myself into two and be their photographer as well. But anyway, I told them Lisha would be the best choice since they already feel connected to her work, and I know her personality would go well with theirs.

Even though I don’t have the chance to document their wedding, I got a chance to work with them on their engagement session at Rancho San Antonio. I already knew how sweet and nice they are, working with them in person made me appreciate them even more. Throughout the entire session, we talked about lots of stuff, from the Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, hamburgers, to even haircut. It was an amazing experience for me to learn more about this incredible couple.

Thank you for trusting and giving me a chance to be part of your journey! And thank you for telling me about Rancho San Antonio. This place is awesome!

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