Road trip engagement | Adventure to Death Valley

It’s been two weeks since my road trip engagement with Jenny & Lucas to Death Valley. This road trip engagement session was the meeting of two big plans. For me, I’ve been planning a special engagement session for a while. For Jenny & Lucas, they said:

“We’d love to have cars, roads, and nature to be incorporated into our engagement photos. If we can have all those three, that’d be dream come true.”

Right after they came back from Death Valley, they couldn’t stop talking about its exotic landscapes, open road, amazing wilderness, and wanted to have their engagement photos there. After they sent me a message, without thinking twice, I said YES to their inquiry. That’s how everything started.

I could feel how much they love nature and their cars. Lucas has a Corvette ZO6, which he takes to the road track. Jenny has her dream sports car, an Audi TTRS, with which Lucas proposed to Jenny last year. Getting a car is tough. Getting it as the proposal is even tougher. That was lots of thought and preparation Lucas put into his big plan. Now, they are so excited to prepare their wedding plan, starting with this road trip engagement to Death Valley.

When I met them, I said the best way to do this engagement session was to document their journey alongside with some posed shots. Although posed shots make their engagement collection look great, the documentary ones are how they will remember the journey. They didn’t have to feel stressful to make everything perfect. Imperfections will make their story real. Indeed, I wanted them to have a story, with lots of casual moments, lots of fun, lots of laughs, that they can talk about whenever they open the engagement album.

Despite the harsh climate in Death Valley, we were so excited to plan this together. Jenny worked on the inspiration board to tell me what she hoped to achieve, what types of shot she would love to have.

2,5 months later…


Day 1 – Road to Death Valley

We slept at 11pm and woke up at 3am the next day to get ready for long day shooting.


Day 2: Death Valley – Badwater > Artist Drive > Salt Creek > Sand Dunes


Day 3: Home sweet home


And this is the end of our road trip engagement to Death Valley. I’m so glad that I took this adventure with this lovely couple to a spectacular place on earth. This is far beyond an ordinary engagement. It has been an amazing experience, great learning for both me and Jenny & Lucas. Although we are home, our minds are still at Death Valley with unforgettable memories.

How about you? How will you let your engagement be?

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