Rustic outdoor wedding at Saratoga Springs

It’s always good to be back at Saratoga Springs for another outdoor wedding. The heat of summer is always one of the issues that many couples have when planning for their wedding. However, Nicole & Pablo’s wedding was not the case. Being at their wedding, we didn’t feel like summer. Indeed, it felt relaxed and calm with the rustic look. Their choice of decor was a mixture of vintage and nature, especial the vintage 1948 Chevrolet.

Another special thing about this wedding was that Nicole wanted to have their first interactions before the ceremony. However, at the same time, Pablo said he wanted to keep the tradition when the groom first sees the bride walking down the aisle. Thus, she asked us if we could somehow work around this. With the vintage Chevrolet in mind, we deiced that First Touch with the car would be the best and unique option for them. When that moment happened, I understood why she asked us so. Her emotion was so strong that she couldn’t hold her tears back. We could see their feeling for each other so strong that their expressions kept on switching back and forth between tears of joy and the laugh of happiness.

Venue: Saratoga Springs

Shuttle: Corinthian Transportation

Video: Gatsby Entertainment

Cake: Jens Cakes

Decorations: Bride and bride’s mom

DJ: Gatsby Entertainment

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