Sanborn County Park Wedding | Kristina & Mark

When we talk to our couples, we always tell them the best wedding they can have is the one where they can really show their personality and have fun, create many remarkable memories together without having to worry too much. It sounds long and complicated … but Kristina & Mark did all of those at their wedding at Sanborn County Park.

A week ago, we had a wedding where the couple chose not to do First Look. This time, Kristina & Mark decided to go with First Look. We didn’t expect it would lead to an endless loop of emotion, where they literally took their turn to cried. We didn’t remember who started first, but we heard Kristina said: “OMG, stop Mark, please don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry.” And Mark said the exact same thing. They both tried so hard not to cry. However, when they look at each other’s eyes, their emotion was so overwhelming that they couldn’t hold it. It’d been back and forth for a while until they finalize calmed down. Kristina said: “I’m glad we did this [First Look] so that we can be ourselves. I don’t know how we would do with that many people.”

So, we would say don’t do First Look because someone else did. Do it because you want to and because it is the right thing for you.

We really love the way they showed their personality in every moment they were with us. They did goofy things and made jokes, didn’t try to be someone else on their wedding day. They wanted to celebrate their way. Kristina & Mark also invited some of their friends to camp overnight with them after the wedding. We thought it was a pretty cool idea for couples who love nature and outdoor, and want to incorporate them into the wedding.

Getting ready location: The Inn at Saratoga

Wedding venue: Sanborn County Park

Makeup/Hair: Cherie Vo

Coordinator: Roxanne at Details by Design Events

Catering: Havana Restaurant

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