SF City Hall Civil Ceremony | Angela & Jacek

Starting at 6am to beat the traffic to SF City Hall, I was about to expect a little surprise, and to meet a sweet and down to earth couple.

Since parking would be challenging later, I decided to park across SF City Hall and walk 8 blocks to the first location. Although it was chilly, it wasn’t too bad for typical San Francisco winter.

While the makeup artist was surprised knowing that I walked with a big and heavy backpack, Angela wasn’t. She said she saw me carrying two cameras, pulling lots of gears and still managing to move so quickly. I was wondering where she saw me? Perhaps when I did some engagement sessions in San Francisco. Or maybe some behind the scene videos which I wasn’t aware of. Anyway, since it wasn’t important, I focused on setting up my cameras and being ready for the shoot. A little later, a nice surprise answers my question.

A woman walked in, greeted Angela. She looked familiar but I didn’t see her well. When she got closer, I realized it’s Gozde, a former client whose wedding at Rengstorff House I documented last Fall. Now it made sense.

When documented Angela and Jacek, what I liked most about them is they didn’t let the imperfections affect them. Loose shoes? Walk on feet and shoes on when taking photos. Forgot the bouquet? Keep ongoing. Even when they discovered their ceremony couldn’t be held at Rotunda due to excessive attendees and instead, had to be in a small not so good-looking room, look at how happy they were still. These things can easily get other brides upset or anxious but not Angela. What they care for is to enjoy the moments with their family and make sure that all forms are filled correctly, of course. So, for the best result, if you plan a SF City Hall Civil Ceremony, keep the attendees within the limit.

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