Simple tricks to get a natural smile for photos

Every day, you smile many times and you aren’t even aware how beautiful and natural it is. Anyone can make a natural smile easily when they don’t think about it. When it is in front of a camera, things change. Unless you are an actor/actress or you get used to the camera, it is hard to get a natural smile when there is a camera pointing at you. We’ve been capturing many people who own gorgeous smile but have a hard time pulling it off in front of the camera. So what should you do about it?

Here are some tricks that we find helpful for our couples to get their natural smile:

  • First, ignore the camera. Best way to do it is to have a random conversation with each other: “What should we have for dinner?”, “Should we watch [movie name]? I heard it is hilarious?”, etc. Just think about each other. This keeps your mind from thinking about the camera.
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  • Sometimes, a normal conversation doesn’t have anything worth laughing at. Or you just run out of conversation idea. What to do next is to smile and talk at the same time. You might feel weird at first but will get used to it quickly. This eliminates mouth movements that are bad for photos caused by words. Normally read the last sentence and stop randomly. Do you look like you are smiling? Try again, but this time, smile and talk at the same time. See the difference? This is my top choice. It’s quick, effective, and works for most people.
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  • Talk about something funny, or make fun of someone (the photographers, people on the street, etc.), be silly, mean, hilarious, etc. no one knows. Or speak with a weird accent. And remember to “smile and talk at the same time”, if you can.
  • Tease each other. This works pretty well. However, some people are more serious and this is not for everyone.
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  • Sometimes you have to look at the camera and smile, maybe by yourself. This is hard because you are fully aware of it. Here is what we do to ourselves and you can do it too: think about happy moments in your life (when you walked on stage and received the diploma, when you got a raise at work, when she said “yes” or when he put the ring on your finger, etc.), take yourself back to that moment and smile for it (instead of smiling for the camera).
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    I wasn’t reading the book. Instead, I thought about a funny book I read when I was a kid

Remember everyone has their natural smile

  • Do your best to get off all of your stress before taking photos. No smile can be great if there are too much in your head.
  • Plan your session well. Behind schedule and insufficient time will keep your mind wandering around and lose focus.
  • A great smile doesn’t come from your photographer. It comes from you.

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