The Bridges Golf Club Wedding | Bonnie & Kenny

Although not being tortured with the traditional Chinese wedding door games like other grooms, Kenny and his men still had to go through lots of challenges. They made the challenges so enjoyable with a good sense of humor. The most difficult one for Kenny was probably to eat the biscuit from the forehead without using hands. It took him so long that his men had to impatiently jump in to help him finish the game with their hands, not Kenny’s. Still valid, isn’t it?

And who would have thought Kenny would cry when they did First Look? Throughout the whole time, from the moment he arrived and tried to peek, to the door game when he said “time is money” in response to the bridesmaids’ money request, indicating that he already waited for so long, Kenny unexpectedly cried after seeing how beautiful Bonnie was in the wedding dress in their backyard. Shortly after, so did Bonnie.

Those are just a few of many lovely moments of Bonnie & Kenny’s epic 14-hour wedding at The Bridges Golf Club. Nine years knowing each other, all lead to this special wedding. Bonnie said on her IG:

“When people ask me how’s married life after the wedding, I just jokingly say it’s the same as the previous nine years Kenny and I have been together, just to save time. But in all honesty, it’s like having a sleepover with your best friend each night where you build blanket forts, cook and clean together, look at dog IGs and adoption sites, bicker, binge-watch shows, shop for things you (don’t)/need, and forget to do half your responsibilities and household chores because you’re simply having to much fun together. We’re home.”

Even though it was almost a year ago, I still feel like their e-session was just last week. They were as happy and worry-free as they were on the engagement day. Thanks to Sees, one of Bonnie’s bridesmaids, who helped us a lot with timing and everything else on their wedding day.

Wedding venue: The Bridges Golf Club

Hair: Cherie Vo

Makeup: Vy Doan

Florist: Floral Construction Co

Lighting: Fantasy Sound Event Services

Photobooth: Oh Snap! Booth Co.

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