The Brodie Homestead Wedding | John & Jeremy

When John & Jeremy first reached out to me for their wedding at The Brodie Homestead, I was hooked. Normally, most of the talk I have with my couples is about wedding planning, timeline, etc. all of those technical stuffs. However, with John & Jeremy, it was about the vision, creativity. I felt like their wedding was for me and I was for them. They comprehended the little details and the efforts I made toward the creative shots. And there I have one of my dream weddings.

We set up an engagement shoot so I could learn more about them and they could get use to the camera. But they didn’t need the later one because my style was already inline with theirs: candid moment. We went through the session with so much fun, talking about interests, hobbies, carrier. I knew that they have so much affection toward each other, down to earth, love dancing. The only thing I didn’t know about was how amazing dancers they were until the wedding day.

And just like that, the wedding was ended with a warm send sparkler send-off after so much joys and tears.

Venue: The Brodie Homestead.

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