Valentine’s Day gift – A boudoir session!

Are you giving him another dress shirt or gadget? What else can you do to make this Valentine’s day different for both of you? How about a boudoir photo session?

His best Valentine gift – Let’s make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable. What valentine gift are you giving the man you love? How about a book filled with beautiful and sexy photos of you? His eyes won’t be able to stop lusting over each photo and his heart will be filled with desire.

Your best Valentine gift – You’ll get to be the ultimate girly girl for the day. Enjoy getting all glammed up and become a new model in town. Yes, it’s Y-O-U! After having your photos snapped, you’ll leave at the end of the day feeling empowered, confident and ultra sexy. What can be better to give yourself such gift on this Valentine’s Day?

Why not? – This once in a lifetime (or twice and more?) experience is something you (and him) will never forget! You’re capturing your moment in time. Thirty years down the road, when you both look back, I guarantee you won’t ask yourself: “Why did I do that?” No, you’ll be grinning thinking: “Well good heavens, I looked H-O-T!” or as our clients usually say: “I’m glad I did that!”.


The boudoir session offer

With that being said, we are so excited to announce our special offer for this Valentine’s Day: $150 for a boudoir session. This includes:

  • 60-minute boudoir photo session with Leo & Kelly
  • A private location
  • Photo Editing
  • 5 digital photos of your choice


So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than this Valentine’s Day to head to your favorite lingerie store and find some lovely items for your session. Husbands and boyfriends, this is the Valentine gift for your lady that keeps on giving! Wives and girlfriends, get your love a sexy surprise Valentine gift as well as feel empowered while we pose you in only the most flattering positions to look like the best version of yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1/ Do I bring my own outfit?

Yes, you will bring your own outfits. Anything that is sexy for you, anything that can make his heart skip a beat.

2/ Can I get more than 5 digital photos?

Yes, if you would like to get more than 5 digital photos, you can purchase them separately as prints or digital photos. There is no minimum purchase required. Contact us for pricing.

3/ Where is the location?

We have a list of hotels with gorgeous views around the Bay Area (Hyatt Regency, Hotel Zelos, Parc 55 SF, etc.). The exact best location will be confirmed two days after you book your session according to availability.

4/ Can I choose the location?

Only locations that meet our lighting and color standard are chosen to ensure the best outcome. However, if you have one that you like, we can discuss and make sure it is good for the photos. Some of our clients have an in-home session which they like even more.

5/ How should I do my hair & makeup?

Needless to say: makeup & hair are so important for this type of photoshoot. We recommend you have a professional do your hair & makeup. You can contact Jessie and mention “Leo Valentine’s Day Boudoir” to receive her special rate. And you are welcome!.


Free Boudoir Session?

Last but not least, what if we say that you can make this Valentine gift even more exciting for you? You can get the entire session fee back (yes, it means: a free boudoir session) by simply following these steps:

  • After you select 5 digital photos, we will post them on our Facebook.
  • You can ask your friends to share the post. For each share you have, you will get $5 credit.
  • After two weeks, we will give you the total credit according to the number of shares, with a max of $150.


If you have more questions, you can contact us and we will help you get your best Valentine gift!

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