We made it! Top 25 wedding photographers

top wedding photographers in san jose
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Top 25 wedding photographers in San Jose.

This came today from WeddingRule.com. To be honest, we didn’t expect this at all. Knowing how competitive San Jose can be when it comes to photography, PLUS how tough 2020 was for photographers, we are so glad to stand out from the rest, to be the top wedding photographers in that area.

We always talk and remind each other that our focuses are not only to capture all precious moments but also to make sure our couples feel comfortable and have the best possible experience. Awards are only our second or even third. We rarely think about it because at the end of each wedding, it’s our couples who put trust in us to document their most important day and we have to live up to that trust. That has been our mission since day 1. austin wedding photographers

Good wedding photographers are capable of taking great photos. But the best wedding photographers must be able to step up and walk side by side with their clients, to give them proper guidance and honest advice. That is what we do and what we will answer if you ask us “what makes us stand out from the rest?”.

best wedding photographers in austin
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Now, with Austin as our 2nd home, we are looking forward to keeping our focuses and push the bar even higher. There will be new venues, new vendors, and new everything for us. But in many years of experience, those “NEW” are not our challenges. Rather, they are motivations to keep us stay on top of the game, to be the best wedding photographers in Austin. austin wedding photographer

We’ll see you soon.

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