What do we think – should you propose at someone else’s wedding?

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Credit Ross Dance Photography

I’ve heard many stories when someone proposes at the wedding reception of someone else. Recently, I saw another one. Original story can be found on ABC7: Bride helps bridesmaid get engaged at her own wedding

Undeniable, it is probably one of the most unexpected moments for the bridesmaid (the one who was proposed in this case). It is also true that Rose Dance, the photographer, described the gesture as “unselfish”. I would be really excited too if same thing happens at my clients’ weddings. It the most beautiful and romantic occasion for a proposal, isn’t it? We love it.

However …

Thing can get bad if you don’t do it correctly. Some things you should consider:

  • First of all, it is a special day for the bride and groom, and they only have one day like this in their life. Should the attention be taken away from them?
  • Second, even if the couple are okay with this, how about the others: their parents, siblings, and even the guests? Some people will like it, some will hate it.
  • Third, planning for a wedding is a lot of works and so much headache. Adding one more thing for the couple to think about, is it necessary?
  • Fourth, there should be more special occasions that you can use to propose.
  • Fifth, how will the person you are going to propose think about this? You might think it is the best moment, but she/he might feel a lot of pressure to be in this situation.

After considering all of those and you think it is the best time for you …

Here is our advice:

  • First, bring up this idea to the couple (must be both of them) along with another idea (just make up a good one). If you have one idea, you might put the couple in a difficult situation where they want to deny but they don’t have the heart to do because that is your only choice. After you present the idea, if you immediately feel any hesitance from them in any way, just forget it and tell them you will go with the other idea.
  • Second, if the couple agree and are excited about that, plan to do it at the very very end of the wedding so that you won’t steal the “spotlight”.
  • Third, try to have a good expectation of how your intended will feel. Ask someone close to her/him to tell a similar story (even fictional) and see what she/he thinks. Do it long before the wedding to kill the suspicion.

Let we know what you think in the comment below.

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