What should I bring for engagement session?

This is one of the questions we are asked most often. For most of you, because this is the first time you have an engagement session, you don’t know what to bring. Good preparation for the engagement session will make you feel comfortable and look amazing. Although every photographer has different suggestions and advice, you can use this article as a basic guide to prepare for your engagement session. It works well for our clients.


Two or three outfits

If your session is about 2 hours or longer, choosing multiple outfits will create a good variety for your engagement album. Ideally, at least one casual and one semi-formal. However, you should limit your choice within 3 outfits because more time changing means less time for photos. If your session is short (one hour or less), I recommend you to stick with only one casual outfit, instead of a formal one. Poses will be easier when you dress casually.


Garment bag

Coming back to your car to change takes a lot of time. Also, you don’t want to stuff everything all in a small bag or fold it because this leaves lots of wrinkles. In order to save time and protect your outfits, simply put them in a garment bag. You can lay it anywhere and be ready to shoot at any time. You can use it to cover yourself while changing. Our clients did so and they said it was easy. If you don’t have one, buy one. You can reuse it on the wedding day too.


Shoes that are easy to put on and take off

They can be slippers/sandals/slip-on shoes. They take little space in your bag. You can walk faster with them, more easily on uneven surfaces. On muddy areas, they will get dirty instead of your high-heel. In addition, if you have to pose on a slope, they are your best friends (if there are some things to cover your feet – like grass, your dress). Sometimes, you can take photos with them too, but only for a casual look.

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Just like shoes, bring a nice one that you can wear for photos. However, the main benefit of it is to help you withstand the cold and the wind. Even in the summer, some areas are cold and windy (like the ocean side along the west coast). Remember to check the weather forecast the day before for temp, wind, rain.

engagement session outfits
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These can describe your personalities quite well. With just a few, there are many more poses you can do. However, you should be cautious that picking the wrong props can make your photos look cheesy.

What if you have an idea which requires a lot of props to set up? Although this might take time, it will be worth the look. The truth is very few couples go this path. Thus, your photos will look unique and your friends will love it. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspirations.



If you bring accessories (bracelets, necklaces, etc.), make sure that they compliment your choice of outfits. In addition, don’t forget a small makeup kit for touch up in between. Wind can mess up your hair and hot weather can melt your makeup fast. Would you rather have or not have it when you need one?


Don’t forget the ring!

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If, for some reasons, you find that the preparation for your engagement session is complicated and time-consuming, don’t be discouraged. Although you might have to give it some attention, you will get a lot in return. We explained in another article why you should do engagement photoshoot that you should check out.

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