Why photographers don’t let you see all photos?

Couple months ago, we wrote a post about RAW file and if you need it for your wedding. Today, we are going to discuss a similar matter: why don’t photographers let you see ALL photos?

Some people want to see all photos their photographers took on their wedding day. Speaking from my personal experience as a groom, I think the main reason is that they are not sure if there are better photos of them. Although we cannot speak for every photographer, most photographers will not let you see all photos because:


1/ The moments are not quite right

Although a good photo doesn’t have to be good in every single way, at least it must be at the right moment. And the right moment doesn’t happen when people blink their eyes, have unflattering facial expressions (people do this all the time and so do we). It isn’t hard to capture those “bad” moments. Just a split of a second and those can be easily captured. That’s part of photography. And this is why they usually take a lot of photos.

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Within a second, one can be the right moment, the other can be a bad one.


2/ The photos are out of focus

We admit this: many of our photos are out of focus. Sometimes, we know our equipment has to struggle in a given condition. Sometimes, they just act weird. In the end, equipment is just a thing and they cannot be as perfect as we want them to be. If they were really perfect, anyone can be a wedding photographer and we would have lost our job already! That’s why we take a lot of photos in case they decide to act up against us.

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We picked none of these because we had other perfect shots of these moments.


3/ Some photos are not as good as the others

What can we even say about this? If two photos have similar content, we always go for the one that is better.

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It’s no doubt that we will always go with the one on the right. Clean & neat.


4/ The angle isn’t that good

While many photographers stick with a safe angle the entire time, we don’t. After we get some standard/safe shots, we go for different angles. We know some angles are more risky, harder to shoot, yet more rewarding. For us, after getting the safe shots, it’s okay to fail with new angles. But we would rather send you 6 photos of 3 different angles than send you 10 photos of the exact same angle.

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This time, we failed … big time with this angle.


In the end, what you need is the end product. That’s what you need to enjoy. Just like when you go to a restaurant, it’s not important to know and to see how many ingredients the chefs uses. You just need to enjoy the fine dining they are about to present.

For us, photo selecting is one of the three most important parts of the whole process to deliver beautiful photos. The process starts with capturing the right moments, followed by selecting the right photos, and ended with editing the right way. We spend lots of time and effort to create the best things for our couples. We know not 100% that we capture will be perfect, but we know that what you receive has been carefully crafted.

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