Why you should let photographers know your wedding budget?

disclose your budget will save you time
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The wedding budget is a sensitive matter

There are many clients contacting us without letting us know their budget for wedding photography at all. While it is completely up to them, in our experience, things get easier when our clients let us know. For some reasons below, we believe that letting the photographers know will benefit you in many ways.

why you should disclose your wedding budget
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Save you time

You spend a lot of time responding to lots of emails from different vendors and so do they with many inquiries. Just like them, you don’t want to waste time meeting when they are out of your budget and they cannot customize their packages. Even if you don’t have an exact range, tell them an estimated one: like “I would like to stick to around $3500.”


They might be able to work thing out for you

No one knows photographers’ packages better than themselves. A respectable photographer won’t change their rates according to your wedding budget. What they can do if they know your range is to customize their packages, adjust package’s items to make it fit or suggest things that matter to you most based on your needs. If you don’t let them know, most of them have no idea how to make it work for you.


They can refer you to their partners.

If they are already booked or if you are on a low budget (let say if their lowest package is $4k and your wedding budget is around $1k), you can still let them know so that they can recommend someone with a similar style for you. Trust me, they don’t want to waste their partners’ time as well as yours. All they want is to refer you to the right people. This, again, will save you lots of time doing more research.

tell photographer your budget will save you time
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Disclosing your wedding budget will help yourself a lot when you look for a photographer. The worst thing that can happen is a plain NO from them. Other than that, if you hide your budget, you are likely to miss out the opportunity to negotiate with them. If you need some tips to negotiate with the photographer you like, this post should be your next read: How to negotiate with wedding photographer?

Let us know in the comment below that if it is you, why or why not you let your photographer know your wedding budget.

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