should i do first look

Should I do First Look? The good and the bad

First Look is a magical moment between bride and groom, carrying many benefits. However, while it is good for many couples, it might not be for the others. How about you?

deer park villa wedding photographer

Indoor Wedding vs. Outdoor Wedding?

Choosing between an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding is a big decision. Here are some key factors that you should consider. Hint: the weather!

Why photographers don’t let you see all photos?

Have you ever wondered why most photographers won’t let you see all photos?

it cost more to have wedding photos private

Why it “might” cost more to have your wedding photos private?

If you request your photographer not to publish your wedding photos and keep them private, it “might” cost you more for them to accommodate your request.

what is associate photographer

What is associate photographer and why should you book them?

Associate photographer might be a new concept for you and you don’t know much about it. But it holds lots of values and benefits for your wedding.

should i book 2nd photographer wedding

Second photographer – Should you invest for your wedding?

Having two photographers doesn’t mean the photos you receive will be twice as much. The value of a second photographer doesn’t lie in quantity. Instead, it lies in quality.

family photos on wedding day

How to do family photos like a pro? Tips and Advice

Family photos are important for you and your family members. They will treasure them for many years to come. However, getting family photos done smoothly is not easy as many think. We are giving you tips and advice that our couples have used and succeeded.

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