How I get this shot

How I get this photo? – Kiss through glass

Sometimes, we plan for a particular shot because we know we will get it. Sometimes, we experiment with a shot because there are so many objective factors. Well, this time, we were lucky to get that shot, the kiss at Marvin & Catherine’s wedding at Jefferson Street Mansion. Sorry for my ugly hand-drawing layout of…

casa real wedding photographer

How I get this photo? – Ceremony under starlight

This photo was taken from Rica & Nino’s wedding at Casa Real in Pleasanton 2017, one of the most popular venues in SF Bay Area. Although we had been to this venue for many times over the pass few years, that was the first time we saw this decoration style for the indoor ceremony. We…

rengstorff house mountain view wedding

How I get this photo? – Champagne shower

This is the first post of new series talking about the story behind our favorite wedding photos. This photo took place at an outdoor summer wedding in Mountain View, California.

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