ring exchange at sanborn county park

Wedding photojournalism is not done properly.

Many photographers say they do wedding photojournalism and capture the moments, but some do the opposite. How to tell which one is a good photojournalism?

first touch alternative lets you keep the tradition

First Look Alternative – How to keep the tradition?

A First Look alternative can let you connect before the ceremony without breaking the tradition. It’s easy to do. All you need is some cool ideas.

how to create beautiful wedding website

How to create an awesome wedding website

An awesome wedding website has all the necessary information but is not too lengthy. So, what type of information should you put on your wedding website?

deer park villa wedding photographer

Indoor Wedding vs. Outdoor Wedding?

Choosing between an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding is a big decision. Here are some key factors that you should consider. Hint: the weather!

palm event center review

Wedding venue review: Palm Event Center

Palm Event Center has always been our favorite wedding venue. This is our review of it under the perspective of a photographer.

san francisco city hall wedding photographer

Get married at San Francisco City Hall? Guides and Tips

Finally, after a few months working on this, here are our guideline and recommendations for wonderful civil ceremony photos at San Francisco City Hall

How to choose a wedding photographer?

Choosing a wedding photographer is not easy. However, if you follow these 3 pieces of advice, getting a great photographer will be a piece of cake.

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