leal vineyards wedding portrait

Leal Vineyards Wedding | Mark & Yuri

This wedding at Leal Vineyards is the best example of a minimalist wedding where you don’t need lots of decor or flowers to make it beautiful.

palm event center sunset portrait

Palm Event Center Wedding | Henry & Julian

Durian can be a great challenge way to start a door game. And that was what we saw at Julian & Henry’s wedding at Palm Event Center. Some groomsmen took it pretty easy, while some had a tough time getting through it. FYI, durian is one of my favorites. This wedding was a real mix…

bride and groom portrait at nestldown wedding

Nestldown Wedding | Pattie & David

For the last 6 years, we’ve worked together 2 times before I became the photographer for her Nestldown wedding. This wedding means a lot to me.

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