wedding schedule

san francisco city hall wedding photographer

Get married at San Francisco City Hall? Guides and Tips

Finally, after a few months working on this, here are our guideline and recommendations for wonderful civil ceremony photos at San Francisco City Hall

Wedding schedule | An ideal timeline for photography

Putting together a wedding schedule is challenging, but no more! This is an ideal wedding schedule that works for most weddings. Just copy and use it.

how many hours do I need for my wedding photography

How many hours of wedding photography do I need?

To choose a good photography coverage and figure out the budget, you need to estimate how many hours you need at the beginning of your planning process.

wedding timeline

What can destroy your wedding timeline?

Many couples tried their best, just like you are doing now, hoping their wedding timeline would run smoothly. Yet, thing still ran late. What did they do wrong and how can you make it right?

getting ready timeline

How much time do I need for getting ready photos?

This is a tricky part of your wedding schedule! Short answer is: 1 hour minimum (although 2 or more are recommended). Why should you spend that much? What happens if you spend less than that? This post will answer all.

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